luni, 18 februarie 2008

duane castles - Physician Insurers Association of America

Duane Castles Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The PIAA is a national association of physician/provider-owned and/or -operated medical liability insurance companies, which insure more than 60 percent of America’s private pacticing physicians as well as dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare practitioners.
The Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA) is the only trade association representing the physician-owned and/or -operated medical professional liability insurance industry.
PIAA Position The PIAA believes the ramifications of the new reporting requirements need to be better understood by Congress before federal rules are promulgated. As such, the PIAA will be reaching out to Members of Congress to seek adjustments/clarifications in the recently passed language. Another Medicare reimbursement bill must be completed within six months, and this may provide an opportunity for corrections to be made as part of that legislation. In addition, the PIAA will be actively involved in the federal rulemaking process to limit any negative ramifications should legislative changes not be enacted.